Tiny House
Residential; San Francisco, CA

Contemporary small home interior is designed efficiently by Kimball Starr in this tiny San Francisco townhouse of 596 square feet.Curved banquette contains storage underneath and is upholstered in outdoor fabric for durability. Adjustable height table is used as a coffee and dining table in this small space.Natural woods and green upholstery combine to create a dining area inspired by nature.Contemporary adjustable height table allows flexibility for this small modern space where the dining and entry area are combined into one space.C. Jere iron wall sculpture is made from iron and casts a dramatic shadow of birds in flight.Kitchen island adds work space in this small kitchen. Creative small space solution are the shoji screens slide to hide a media center and work desk.Compact modern sofa sectional fits perfectly in this small contemorary living room to maximize seating. Neutrals mixed with ocean blues and warm woods keep the space open and calm.Cherry sleigh bed and rich blue tones make for a cozy bedroom in this tiny bedroom. Wall sconces and wall shelf save space in this small bedroom.


I loved the process and the results!  I'll use her again on my next home and look forward to that opportunity!  Tony L.

Small space living solutions are used throughout this contemporary tiny house sized at 596 square feet.  Adjustable height table in the entry area serves as both a coffee table for socializing and as a dining table for eating.  Curved banquette is upholstered in outdoor fabric for durability and maximizes space with hidden storage underneath the seat.  Kitchen island has a retractable countertop for additional seating while the living area hides a work desk and media center behind sliding shoji screens.

Calming tones of sand and deep ocean blue fill the tiny bedroom downstairs.  Glowing bedside sconces utilize wall-mounting and swing arms to conserve bedside space and maximize flexibility.