Vintage Bungalow
Residential; Palo Alto, CA

Wood tones of a mid-century modern credenza and vintage dining table are balanced by Kimball Starr's use of colorful tones.Colorful camouflage dining room rug and aqua walls add vibrancy to the wood dining table and chairs. Moroccan pendant projects intricate light patterns on the living room wall.Mid-century modern credenza and amoeba coffee table visually join the living and dining areas.Amoeba coffee table, Brancusi style wood sculptures, and colored glass vases add unique decor to this mid-century modern interior design.George Nelson sling sofa mixes with an arc lamp and Moroccan pendant for a vintage global living area.Vintage Adrian Pearsall rocker chair, rocket floor lamp, and unique acoustic guitars hung on the wall create a welcoming living area.Mid-century modern bed and table lamp are matched with a vintage Broyhill dresser in this Palo Alto bungalow bedroom.Vintage Broyhill Brasilia dresser and masks hanging as wall decor give this mid-century modern bedroom a whimsical touch.Outdoor patio furniture and LED lighted tables make this patio a fun place to socialize with friendsOutdoor LED light cubes serve as both outdoor side tables and additional seating.


"Kimball integrated elements from my childhood giving them new life, and mixed in unique mid-century modern pieces to make the house as quirky and colorful as I am.  When my niece first visited, she cooed 'It feels so cozy here.'  My house now feels like a 'real' home where I can create a lifetime of memories with my family and friends.  Now that is success!" -Tony L.

Vintage furniture from the 1950's and 1960's fill this Palo Alto bungalow with character and sentimental charm.  Mixing furniture from the homeowner's childhood alongside mid-century modern treasures create an interior where every piece has a history.

Collectible pieces include an Adrian Pearsall rocker upholstered in a Bargello flame stitch, George Nelson sling loveseat, and a Broyhill Brasilia dresser that reminds the homeowner of his dear old dad.